The 6th London Business Book Club

photoThe London Business Book Club

This is the sixth meeting of the London Business Book Club.

A monthly meet up to swap, give away, recommend and talk about business books. The kind of books that have taught you, motivated you, inspired you, improved your understanding of psychology, sociology or other ologys.

The speaker for this meeting is Alex Hesz, staffer at agency DDB London and co-author of book "Guilt Trip" about the hypocrisy of green marketing. Should be a good one!.

′A provocative, vibrant, panoramic review of the way we live –and shop– today. Hesz and Neophytou pose fundamental questions about the role of fear and guilt in modern consumption and marketing.′ – Jim Carroll, Chairman, Bartle Bogle Hegarty
‘The biggest economic downturn in our lifetimes has clearly highlighted the limitations of the plc model that has been the basis of our western economy for generations. However, this thought–provoking, well–written analysis shows that there are viable sustainable alternatives, which should be considered as we move to a post recession world.’ – Patrick Allen, Marketing Director, The Co–operative Group
′A hugely entertaining analysis that cuts through the rhetoric and offers new insights into the causes and cure for greenwash.′ – Mark Line, Executive Chairman, Two Tomorrow’s Group

From the Inside Flap
There was a time, faced with foreign wars or natural disasters, collapsing ice shelves and toxic air, when we ran about screaming ‘Oh God, what can we do?’ Terrified, we searched for a way out, scattering the tiny boxes at B&Q in search of the energy–efficient light bulbs that were to be the world’s salvation.

Faced with stark images of what takes place on our behalf, we have begun to ask a profoundly different question: ‘Oh God. What have we done?’

The shift from fear to guilt is of huge importance. Our questions have changed to:

• How have you made this jumper so cheap?

• How have you stopped that country from hurting my family?

• How can a whole chicken cost less than a coffee?

We demand new answers from those who represent us. Guilt Trip explores what this means for brands, consumers and the broader world and examines how crucial the role of the green and ethical phenomena been as a catalyst in the shift from fear to guilt.

The phenomenon of guilt is changing the way we respond to what we’re told by brand and politicians alike. Guilt Trip provides a means of navigating the practical dangers of the new consumer landscape and provides real–world example of both brands and individuals who have engaged successfully with it, and those who are suffering from their refusal to do so.

About the Authors
Alex Hesz
Across several of London’s Advertising and Communications agencies, Alex has worked with some of the world’s largest brands and businesses, including British Airways, GlaxoSmithKline, RBS, Coca–Cola, NestlĂ©, Diageo, Nokia and the UK Government.
In particular, Alex has worked broadly in the areas of sustainability and corporate responsibility, whether reducing the size of cat–food boxes, preventing children from using their phones for bullying or working towards a single, universal charger. He lives in South London, and works at DDB.

Bambos Neophytou
Since abandoning his academic research program (a hopelessly inadequate attempt to fuse sociolinguistics with cognitive pragmatics), Bambos has worked or consulted for a variety of organisations (Added Value, BBC, BBH, VCCP) in a strategic marketing and communications capacity. Having been unable to finish reading any books on marketing communications, he has always wanted to write one that was readable from beginning to end. He believes this has now been achieved.
He currently lives in West Berkshire, is training to be a carpenter and is Head of Planning at Exposure.

One of the important parts of the book club is “Swap Time”. Bring along a book (or two) that you recommend to swap with other members. You get to swap back at the next meeting or contact your swapee direct to unswap once you’ve read the book.

Attendees are a mixture of senior managers and professionals mostly working in agencies and creative industries, branding, marketing and communications.

The venue is the upstairs lounge at the Slug and Lettuce Pub in 19/20 Hanover Street. Westminster, London, W1S 1YR. Nearest tube is Oxford Circus

We will be charging a mere £4 (plus booking fee) for advance tickets or £5 on the door for this event. Just to cover the venue hire charge, noone is making a profit. Book here

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For information of future events join The London Business Book Club group on facebook , Linkedin or Add pictures of you or one of your colleagues reading a business book that has most inspired them

See you there business bookworms ~~

London - United Kingdom

Wednesday, January 20 at 7:00 PM

Attending: 2


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