Brand Champion of the Day- Allen Iverson, Philadelphia 76ers


On Mondays and Fridays I feature someone or some organization who understands what it means to be a brand champion. Those individuals or companies that have connected with others who share a similar mission and core values, and are able to effectively recruit and retain champions for their brand. These are the brand champions of our time. Today, I take my hat off to Allen Iverson, guard for the Philadelphia 76ers professional basketball team.

I became more aware of the Iverson brand when he played for my hometown team the Denver Nuggets. While many people rightfully give props to Chauncey Billups for the teams current success, I believe it was Allen Iverson who began the process of changing the teams culture and bringing a sense of maturity to the club. He realized the team needed some effective internal branding. Iverson's time in Denver and other stops in between stints in Philadelphia were short. But his brand sustained itself during those many bumps along the way.

For the past two days I have been in Philadelphia and it seems like every media outlet in town is talking about the return of Allen Iverson. I am not sure the signing of the Declaration of Independence would have garnered so much attention today. Someone who has the ability to attract as many champions and distractors for a brand as Allen Iverson does, deserves a nod as the Brand Champion of the Day.

Rex Whisman

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