Brand Champion of the Day- Jeff Bridges, Actor


About a year ago I heard Jeff Bridges interviewed on a local radio station. Although the actor has a huge body of work and is one of the most recognized names in film, I had never heard him interviewed before. I recall at the time thinking that he was an authentic "dude." Speaking of which, I am sure most of you have seen Jeff Brides play The Dude in The Big Lebowski. What a great character,and movie.

On Monday of this week I read an enlightening story on Jeff Bridges written by Anthony Breznican in the USA Today about Bridges new movie Crazy Heart. Within the piece a quote from Bridges gave me pause. In terms of deciding what projects to engage, Bridges says, "I'm attracted to what I'm afraid of, and I'm afraid of what I am attracted to. I love that. I think that way too. I love a challenge and I am challenged by what I love.

This month many including me have questioned the authenticity of the Tiger Woods brand strategy. Today, I take a different approach and recognize Jeff Bridges as the Brand Champion of the Day.

Rex Whisman

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