Brand- it is not about the logo


Too often people think their brand begins and ends with their logo. In fact most new businesses start with the need to create a really cool logo. They are certain that if the visual identity connects with everyone then their business has a great chance for sustainability. There are a number of reasons why that is flawed thinking. Let us start with some brand basics.

Your brand is your name and what your name stands for. If you have not yet done so, you need to develop a mission statement. No, I am not talking about some page-long philosophical jargon. I am talking about a statement of purpose. Why you are in business. Next comes a listing of your core values. What does your organization believe are its guiding principles?

Once you have a clear understanding about why you are in business and what your business stands for, you will have an effective way of articulating essence your organization. Start with the verbal identity. After all word of mouth marketing is a critical factor towards establishing a sustainable brand, and recruiting and retaining your brand champions.

Then you can start the process of developing your visual identity. Remember, brand is not about the logo. Oh, and by the way, brand is especially not about the tagline!

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