Brand Strategy and Social Media- What Every Communications and Marketing Professional Must Know

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Brand Strategy and Social Media are two disciplines that every communications and marketing professional must add to their skill set. Sooner rather than later, these will be two minimum expectations for people in the marketing and communications professions. For anyone looking for a new job, looking to move within their organization or considering a change into this arena, brand and social media expertise are requirements on the horizon.

As organizations reposition for the new economy, most are going to be expected to do more with less. The same is true for the communications and marketing professionals that they employ. A clear understanding about what your organization stands for and how to effectively communicate and market utilizing social media is essential to helping build a sustainable brand for you and your organization. This process will allow you to become the brand champion that you have always wanted to be.

On December 1 I will be presenting on how to connect these important concepts and how to leverage them for your organization. My co-presenter, David Sandusky will be doing the same from a personal brand standpoint. We look forward to our session at the University of Denver as part of the Colorado American Marketing Association Knowledge Series. Go to the COAMA website for more information and to register.

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