Choosing a Brand Personality

Brand Personality Cards on a Table
You don’t want your brand to be cold and lifeless. You want it to have personality.
Imagine your company as an actual person that your target audience is meeting for the first time. What first impression do you want to make on your target audience? Here, your answer shouldn’t be about the features or benefits of your brand - just the desired first impression. Here are some examples:

Accommodating, Modest, Seasoned, Proud, Serene, Rebellious, Straight Shooter, Reflective, Thinker, Value Freedom, Accurate, Value Special Rituals, Mr. Status Quo, Warrior, Adventurous, Neurotic, Aggressive, Nurturing, Altruistic, Ambitious, Analytical, Outrageous, Artistic, Passionate, Athletic, People-Oriented, Brilliant, Perfectionist, Calming, Playful, Caring, Powerful, Clown, Detail Oriented, Comfortable, Revolutionary, Competitive, Pure, Confident, Quick, Critical, Relaxed, Disruptive, Demanding, Edgy, Scientific, Efficient, Enthusiastic, Friendly, Sexy, Experimental, Fun, Feared, Growing, Flexible, Happy, Healer, Sophisticated, Helpful, Spiritual, Holistic, Spontaneous, Hunter, Stylish, Idealist, Shy, Imaginative, Tactical, Impulsive, Simple, Take-Charge Attitude, Innovative, Thrifty, Intelligent, Traditional, Intimate, Trickster, Intuitive, Trusting, Laid Back, Value Routines, Liberated, Vibrant, Life Long Learner, Visionary, Manager, Optimistic, Organized, Serious, Protective, Vibrant, Soulfull, Excentic, Conservative, Connected

  • Be realistic when choosing a personality trait. Don’t try and trick your target audience, or yourself, by picking traits that don’t honestly reflect your brand.
  • Don't chose traits that are earned. You want traits that you can establish at the first touch. Many of our 1day1brand clients want the personality trait 'Trustworthy'. I argue that trust is earned. You can't evaluate a branding campaign by asking if it is trustworthy. But you can judge a brand campaign by any of the other immediate personality traits listed above.
  • Be competitive, but remain authentic. If your chief competitor has a personality similar to your own, consider promoting different personality traits so you stand out. But don't sacrifice your brand's authenticity in so doing.

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