Creating an Internal Brand Strategy Through Facebook and LinkedIn


For over a year now I have fed my blog posts to Facebook. During that time I have had many people comment about those posts on my Facebook wall. Thank you. At first I was a bit frustrated that people were commenting there and not on the blog itself, because those who landed on my blog would not see those comments. Shortly thereafter a light went on for me. Who cares?

I realized that most of the people who go directly to my blog are those who land there after doing research on sites like Google. This blog is most likely to appear as the first listing when someone goes to Google and types in the words brand champions. People doing so may end up being champions for my brand, but that relationship will take a while to develop, or never will. My current brand champions are those who are my friends on Facebook or my connections on LinkedIn, where I also send my blog feeds.

As social network sites like Facebook and LinkedIn continue to evolve from personal to business communications and marketing channels, we need to think about our audience. The content needs to be relevant to them and enhance our brand essence. This approach in many respects is an internal brand strategy for you and your organization. The people there usually share your mission and core values so why not engage them in your brand development process? Be happy that they are posting on your wall!

Rex Whisman

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