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Space150 Contest

As a standard rule I do not post logo contests on Brand New and, believe me, I get asked a lot. But I am happy to make an exception in this case. Space150 is a design firm with offices in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and New York City and every 150 days they redesign their identity. Everything: Business cards, letterhead, logo, web site, promotional materials, the whole package. Over the last ten years space150 has reinvented itself 24 times, done either in-house or by commissioning an outside firm. For their 25th reinvention they have decided to make it an open contest, with the winner getting his or her idea produced 100% as envisioned, from start to finish.

Space150 Contest

Versions 16 (opening image) and 17 (above) by Studio on Fire.

So why make an exception? I believe space150 has no problem in doing yet another version without a hitch — although the pessimistic view could be that they are burned out, but I'm a believer! — and could keep on doing another hundred versions that look as good as the previous ones, so I really doubt they are taking advantage of anyone. This isn't a global corporation or mass consumer product that you have to get in the client's and audience's head to get it right, this is pure unbridled design for designers, which has its own set of challenges but does not impede the proper context that most contests do of shooting blindly into an off-kilter target. It's also a great opportunity to get some juicy print materials produced. And lastly, you get to put your money where your mouth is! Yes, I guess you could call that a challenge to our Brand New readers.

When space150 sent me the contest info I asked them if we could feature the winner on Brand New and do a formal critique, so you can take that as an additional challenge. And if all goes well we will also feature the printed materials on FPO.

If anyone is offended by Brand New posting a contest, well, that's the way it goes.

Deadline is January 18, 2010 / Winner announced February, 1.

If you have some free time over the holidays or a slow start to the year, seriously, go for it. Have fun, let your wild ideas out, exercise that type, put Wolff Olins to shame, whatever, just let it ride!

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