My Dirty Little Mission Statement Secret

Axle Davids shhhing
As I mentioned in my last post, Mission Statements make me cry.

They are typically misunderstood, impractical, and poorly facilitated. Nobody remembers them except those that have the misfortune of having them mounted on a plaque in their lobby. And frankly, even they don't remember it.
So what do I do when someone comes to our firm and says they need a Mission Statement? I sell them a brand promise, brand positioning and brand personality instead.
Brand promise, brand position, brand personality
Unlike Mission Statements, these can galvanize an organization or team.
The brand promise is the fusion of the customer's need and your team's passion.
The brand position is why the customer should resolve their need with your brand, instead of the competition.
The brand personality is how you deliver.
I'd like to see Mission Statements become the exception, not the rule. Use them infrequently and use them well for organizations that are so large they need to institutionalize common sense. But for everyone else? Seriously, is it what you really need?

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