Social Media Time Management

Yesterday at the fabulous Blog World Expo 2009, I did a session on social media time management. Lots of great feedback and questions from the session, and the slides are embedded below (though not all of them are particularly “useful” in the traditional sense of slides). Feel free to use and share as you will.

In follow up, though, lots of folks didn’t get to see the session, and you’ve asked on Twitter and Slideshare and via email if I have any notes from the session. So instead, I’ll post as a series here on the blog and walk through what I covered in the session. I think it’s too much for one post, but maybe three or four will do.

Does that work for you? What questions do you have about social media time management that I can be sure and answer during the series?

Thanks as always for your support, interest, feedback, and enthusiasm. I’m really glad you’re here.

Social Media Time Management

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