The Tri-Fecta of Opportunity: Personal Branding, Social Media and Inbound Marketing

Lately, I’ve had some interesting conversations on Personal Branding, Social Media and Inbound Marketing. I really enjoy writing and speaking about these topics because they are the new frontier of the Web 2.0 marketplace. And when combined properly they can create massive opportunity where it would not have existed before.

Once upon a success story…

Let’s take a look at a success story on how one savvy Personal Brand had opportunity find them because of the combination of their Personal Brand, Social Media, and Inbound Marketing.

Savvy Sue had been out of school for a few years and was working a steady job at a good company. She was a good employee, worked hard and was dependable. Despite these qualities she realized she did not have anything that truly differentiated herself from others. That was until she created her Personal Brand.

Savvy Sue began promoting her Personal Brand on social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and her blog. She joined some forums in topics of interest to her in Yahoo Answers, she joined groups, participated in discussions and answered questions on Linkedin. She tweeted useful links and spread the word about her new blog posts. She was constantly making new digital relationships.

Then it happened to Savvy Sue — she got the offer of a lifetime. She was asked to join the social media group at her company and be a thought leader in developing the company’s social media strategy and take it to market. She gladly accepted the offer.

How did Savvy Sue do it?

She took a chance.

Savvy Sue received this offer because she created visibility and credibility for herself. She put herself in the way of opportunity and it found her.

This is just one of the many success stories I have heard over the years and it drives home a very interesting point.

Visibility and credibility = Memorability

Combine the forces of your Personal Brand with Social Media and you will begin to receive inbound opportunities that can change your career and life.

It takes time, patience and persistence but it can happen.

It happens everyday, to everyday people and it can happen to you too.

Have a great weekend!


Chad Levitt is the author of the New Sales Economy blog, which focuses on how Sales 2.0 & Social Media can help you connect, create more opportunities and increase your business. Chad is also the featured Sales 2.0 blogger at, the number one web portal for sales pros, the professional athletes of the business world. Make sure to connect with him on Twitter @chadalevitt.

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