Should Ronald McDonald Get Brand Boot?

According to a group of health pros, parents and business partners, the answer is a resounding yes! These people believe Ron Mac has too much influence over kids and they want McDonald's to retire the organization's most recognized brand champion.

I guess the coalition thinks that if Ron goes away then kids will not be so keen on going to the Golden Arches to eat what the group considers to be bad food. They probably have a point and I am sure their intentions are good, but good luck!

Joe Camel went away because of the pressure that parents and others made on Camel in a similar situation. With Joe going bye-bye did that make it no longer cool to smoke cigarettes? I think the pressure put on the U.S. government to nail the tobacco industry did the trick.

Ron is an easy target, but I think going to Congress to testify about the need for health standards might be more influential. What do you think? Should Ron get the brand boot?

Rex Whisman

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