Is Pepsi OK?

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Go to a restaurant and order a Coke. If the restaurant doesn’t carry Coke, the waiter will then ask you: “is Pepsi OK?” I’ve heard this hundreds of times through many years and haven’t once heard anybody make a big deal about it. Most likely, the answer is: “sure, that’s OK”.

The moral of the story: just because people know your brand doesn’t mean they’re going to buy it. Coke has one of the highest, if not the highest, brand awareness in the world, however that doesn’t stop diners from being perfectly OK with having Pepsi instead.

Having people know your brand is just the start. Getting people to become upset when they can’t have your brand is the hard part, and what you need to strive for. Think about your favorite teenager and what her reaction would be after finding out that you just bought her the wrong brand of sneakers.

from Mario Sanchez Carrion Posterous

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