Does $93 US Advertising Campaign Enhance or Dilute bp Brand?

Bp oil

It has been reported that bp has spent nearly $93 US for the advertising campaign that attempts to improve its image in the wake of the Gulf oil spill. Now that is some serious mad money. No not Jim Cramer, but some serious Dan Draper caaaysh. Those who know me understand that I am not always the first to advocate spending a ton of money on advertising. Why? Because advertising, usually expensive traditional advertising, like television is what people think they should do and what marketing people tell them to do.

When advertising supports an organization's brand platform and helps increase awareness then I am all in favor. In the case of bp I have mixed feelings. One the one hand that $93 million would make sense in the hands of those who were affected by the spill and for habitat renewal. On the other hand bp had to do something to sustain its brand. Every Sunday evening Dan Draper reminds us that people like to spend a lot of money on advertising, but because I am not a part of the Mad Men club, I would vote for the former strategy.

What would you do if your organization's brand was at risk due to a crisis of this proportion? I will say that I think the bp campaign is very professional and in good taste. Especially using local bp employees. Now those are real brand champions and an authentic approach.

Rex Whisman

BrandED Consultants Group

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