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The headline in yesterday's business section of the Philadelphia Inquirer read, "A Merger Maximus." Not just because Comcast is based in this historical city, but because it purchase of controlling interest of NBC Universal Inc. has huge implications for most of us. As a Comcast customer and a brand consultant, this transaction certainly has my attention.

This move maybe the first and largest test of big business in the new economy. I think a lot of people are scratching their heads wondering how this will affect them and why this happening. It is interesting for me to learn more about Comcast. This situation is also a good example of assessing whether a house of brand or a brand house is a better approach.

I must admit that until yesterday, I was not aware that Comcast now has the following sub-brands under their umbrella, The Golf Channel, Versus, Sprout, Philadelphia Flyers and 76ers. Will the move to take controlling interest in NBC Universal Inc. enhance or dilute the Comcast brand? How can an organization this large be effective developing an internal branding program? How can an organization this large align its internal culture with its external reputation? How can an organization this large recruit and retain brand champions?

In defense of this organization they were one of the first complex organizations to embrace social media and have been effective in updating their twitter followers on the company. Time will tell if recognizing Comcast as the Brand Champion of the Day or will I need to go back and change the title to Brand Titan of the Day. I hope not!

Rex Whisman

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