How Do You Reward Your Brand Champions?


Over the past several years I have led many brand development projects. Some within an organization and most as a consultant. In every situation, I have witnessed great examples of internal and external stakeholders bringing the organization's brand strategy to life. In every situation, I have also witnessed those champions not being recognized as effectively as they could be.

Whether it is modifying current recognition programs to reflect rewarding stakeholders for on-brand behavior or it is creating new programs, we need to give a nod to those who support our brand strategy. Programs can range from a wall post on the organization's fan page to a pay increase during performance reviews. What about creating a formal brand rewards program? Recognition will not only give the just rewards to those who live your brand, but will help demonstrate to others what on-brand behavior means and what the organization expects.

How do you reward your brand champions?

Rex Whisman

Brand Champions Blog

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