Brand Champion of the Day- Jack LaLanne, Fitness Guru


Thank you Inc. magazine for your short feature on Jack LaLanne. It reminded me of my days of yore when I used to watch Jack LaLanne's morning television show on those days when I stayed home sick from school, and gazing at the boob tube from the couch. I don't recall whether or not watching him made me feel guilty for missing school or made me feel more sickly.

Reading about him in Inc. makes me feel remiss for not thinking about highlighting Jack LaLanne earlier as the Brand Champion of the Day. Jack LaLanne is now 95 years old and in better shape than most of the rest of us, no matter how young we think we are. I was informed that LaLanne opened his first health club in 1936. Talk about a man ahead of his time. Although LaLanne would probably argue that is non-sense. From his interview in Inc. it appears he does not like anyone referring to the good old days.

When you think about it our most valuable asset is our health. No one epitomizes that more than the Jack LaLanne brand. For all you do, Jack LaLanne, you are the Brand Champion of the Day.

Rex Whisman

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