Brand Champions Are Your Fans, Favorites, Followers & Friends, Not Your Target Audience

Social media

Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others provide great opportunities for brands to connect with fans, favorites, followers and friends. These online resources and other digital communication channels like mobile texting, allow people and organizations to build their brands by creating communities of champions for their brand. Everyday I am amazed at how I am found, or how I find someone else who shares the same passion for brand. Many of whom will be lifelong advocates of our respective brands.

Those of us who take advantage of these resources understand that they are simply a keystroke or two away. Most often the only expense is time, and a technical glitch now and then. Let's compare that with another scenario. We hire an advertising agency to create an advertising campaign and then hire a television network to show our campaign to people who change the channel when our ad is about to be shown to our "target audience." Target audiences are not brand champions.

If your organization has not yet done so, you need to take the time to develop a digital communications plan that supports your brand. You will soon find the value in connecting to your fans, favorites, followers and friends. In other words, recruiting and retaining your brand champions.

Rex Whisman

Brand Champions Blog

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