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On Mondays and Fridays I feature someone who understands what it means to be a brand champion. Those who are passionate about their brand and get others excited for their brand too. These are people who are effective in recruiting and retaining champions for their brand. Recently I met someone via this blog and twitter who gets it. Today the Brand Champion of the Day is Velisse Williams. Here is what Velisse shares about what it means to champion her brand.

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"My name is Velisse Ammons
Williams, author and married mother of three of three who reside in Dallas,
TX. I started writing several years ago when my twin boys began pre-school. Periodically, the twins would come home with stories about events that happened at school. I began jotting down my son’s preschool experiences as fodder for future children’s books.

"In 2007, I was inspired to write Candy-Colored Friends after struggling to provide my son’s
with an age-appropriate explanation about the meaning of racial prejudice. Because my children could not quite grasp the concept of discrimination, I concluded other children might have the
same trouble and saw the need to write a book that stresses acceptance, not mere
tolerance, to explain it. I wanted to simply teach children that people are very much like candy: uniquely colored on the outside, but in most instances, the same on the inside.

"Since then, I have begun working on a follow-up series to my first published piece. My goal is to write a series of books that address social issues that children are often faced with, such as: bullying, special needs, different skin color, low self-esteem, etc. I'm hopeful that Candy-Colored Friends and future books to come, will help pave the way for positive discussions about these various topics.

"I am a champion of my brand because I realize we live in a world of multiple hues, ethnicity and cultural diversity and not only should we embrace these differences, but also teach our children to do the same. The brand, Candy-Colored Friends, created with children in mind, represent global diversity, unity, simplicity, and empowerment. The brand will equip readers, to include, children, parents and educators, with the necessary tools to address and deal with most social needs related to children.

website: http://www.velissewilliams.com/

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Thank you Velisse for taking time out of your busy schedule to share with us your perspective on what it means to be a brand champion. I look forward to updates on the progress of Candy-Colored Friends!

Rex Whisman

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