How Do Tweens, Teens and Twenty-Somethings Influence Your Brand?


A week or so ago I tweeted that Gen Buy, the thought provoking book by Kit Yarrow and Jayne O'Donnell, is a must read for anyone connected to brands and Gen Yers. I guess that would include most of us on planet Earth. Today I appropriately give them props here at the Brand Champions Blog.

I have always been interested in how fashion influences design and other creative areas. As a an education brand consultant and someone who has spent most of his career working in education, I am also glued to trends that each generation brings to the table. So, naturally I was drawn to Yarrow and O'Donnell's work.

The authors do a masterful job of informing the reader of the influence tweens, teens and twenty-somethings have on their families spending habits and the influence they have on the retail industry. After reading Gen Buy my head is now spinning with ideas of how the fashion and education communities can more effectively connect. Stay tuned for my latest brand plan.

In the meantime check out Gen Buy. You will become champions of the Yarrow and O'Donnell brands.

Rex Whisman

Brand Champions Blog

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