Brand Strategy- Getting Your Ducks in a Row

Ducks in a row 2
When I talk to others about the process of developing a brand strategy I explain that it is the methodology of aligning an organization's internal culture with its external reputation. In other words it is about getting our ducks in a row. Ideally we want our internal stakeholders (employees and others) and our external stakeholders (prospective customers and others) to be in sync with our strategic plan. When this occurs we have a great chance of creating a sustainable brand strategy.

That sounds cool to most people. Then I tell them that the process takes time. All of a sudden that does not sound so cool. So people, often marketers or agencies persuade the organizations they work for or with to do something really cool like change our logo, come up with a trendy tagline or spend a bunch of money on an advertising campaign that will blow away our customers! Those approaches may look and sound cool today, but a week month or year later,they are not so cool any more. Why, because they are not sustainable. In the end they dilute our brand and scare away our brand champions.

Get your ducks in a row by developing a brand strategy based on your mission, core values and getting your stakeholders engaged. That process will result in the ability to recruit and retain your brand champions, both internal and external.

Rex Whisman

Brand Champions Blog

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