Is Obama Delivering on His Brand Promise?


Now that we are at the one year anniversary of the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States many are asking themselves and others, is Obama delivering on his brand promise?. As you know, many voted for him because he promised to deliver change and hope. That promise related to the war, the economy, international relations, health care, bi-partisan politics and more. So have things changed? Is there still hope? I think it too early to call.

When I work with organizations to help them develop a promise statement as part of their brand platform, I tell them that it will probably take a year or two to see measurable outcomes. Intangible outcomes can take a while too. For example, if an organization is looking to create a culture of collaboration, there should be some evidence of change early, but depending upon how much change is expected that could take years. In the case of Obama, I think he was talking about changing the culture of politics in Washington, D.C. While noble, that type of change could take two terms of office or beyond.

I think Obama was telling his constituents to hope for the United States to re-establish credibility internationally. I believe there is evidence of increased respect around the world. That said, I am convinced that his decision on what to do in Afghanistan and Iraq, and what to do now, will ultimately determine whether or not he delivers on his promise of hope and change.

Didn't most people become brand champions of the Obama brand because he promised to end the war(s)?

Rex Whisman

Brand Champions Blog

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