Brand Value- What is in a Name?

What is the most valuable asset that an organization possesses? In the view of most brand professionals it is the name of the organization. Historically the most valuable brand name in the world is Coca-Cola. Interbrand and others have developed formulas by which they place a monetary value on the brand name.

Whether your organization adheres to a formal process of brand valuation like that advocated by Interbrand and others, I think it is important that every organization at least includes a dialogue about the value of their name. It has to be a part of your internal branding process.

When we engage in this type of discussion it helps everyone in the organization think differently about their organization, and most likely feel better about their association with the brand. What value do your internal and external champions place on your brand name?

Rex Whisman

Brand Champions Blog

BrandED Consultants Group

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