Does Going Rogue Enhance or Dilute the Sarah Palin Brand?


Last summer I posted a few thoughts about the prompt decision Sarah Palin made to resign as Governor of the State of Alaska. That post, fed to Facebook like this one is, created a bit of brush fire amongst several of my Facebook friends. Those on the right were very supportive, while those on the left obviously were not. I enjoyed watching the debate amongst people I know, but who have never met themselves. Such is the beauty of social network sites. The post also led to an interview I had with AOL News online, which you can read on my website's media page. Now comes the much anticipated launch of Sarah Palin's new book, Going Rogue.

From the snippets that I have seen so far, apparently many of my early perspectives about her brand could be true. I believed at the time and still do that the GOP and the media were attempting to build the Palin brand as it served their respective needs during the US Presidential election run last year. As I told AOL News online, I think the Governor's resignation provided the opportunity for her to develop a brand strategy that will guide the next stages of her life and allow her to recruit and retain brand champions that align with her brand attributes. Let us see what role her new book plays in meeting those goals.

Establishing your brand based on your mission, core values and engagement of your stakeholders creates value for your brand and ensures sustainability. An election campaign, just like an advertising campaign, often results in just the opposite.

Rex Whisman

Brand Champions Blog

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