Brand Champion of the Day- Alecia Huck, Maverick and Company

About a year ago I had the pleasure of meeting someone who I knew right away had a clear understanding of who she was and what she stood for, and how to align her personal brand attributes with those of her organization, Maverick and Company. Since then I have grown to envy her ability to recruit and retain brand champions. Today she takes time out of her busy schedule to share with us what she thinks it means to be a brand champion. Alecia Huck, you are the Brand Champion of the Day!

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"Many people associate the word MAVERICK with innovative thinking, a willingness to take risks, and the cool factor often attached to people and ideas 'outside the system.' For us, MAVERICK is about all of those things.

"Alternately, less commonly and more true for us, is the idea that a real MAVERICK must also be willing to do the most revolutionary thing of all, play by the rules. At the heart of our brand is a deliberate tension between the renegade and the conservative. We believe that being willing to do ANYTHING gives you the extraordinary opportunity to do the SMARTEST thing—which is sometimes the flashy, risky, seems-crazy approach and sometimes is a the most simple, boring traditional one.

"Our name is a bold name. Red, a core part of our visual identity is a bold color. We contrast this with a very conservative design and a clean combining of the red with white and black. The contrast is again, intentional. We want to excite our clients but not scare them. They need to know that we can come up with wild ideas when wild ideas are needed but we are not wild for wild’s sake. We are precise with our creativity, conservative with our boldness, and unafraid of both the unusual and the mundane.

"In my mind, your brand is there to both point the way toward you AND to guard the gates. It should help the RIGHT people weed themselves into your fan club or client base. Equally, if not more important, it should help the WRONG people weed themselves out. Done well, your brand does both simultaneously. Essentially, encountering your brand should be like getting a small taste of your company. Your brand should allow people to experience the flavor of the work that you do.
It must be consistent with and reflect clearly the qualities and ideas that help your clients know that YOU are the one they’ve been looking for. It should make them feel at home. It should create a sense that they have found a kindred spirit, that they are understood, that they fit.

"We are MAVERICK. We are the renegade AND the conservative with a fair amount of sass thrown in for fun. Our job is to be both a spokesperson and a guardian for the ideas and values we represent, to win well and win often, and have a damn good time doing it. I think you can judge the success of your brand by the quality of your clients. If the wrong people are showing up, your brand is broken.
Looking around, we think our efforts have been very successful.

"Read more about how the word MAVERICK came to be part of our lexicon and why we chose it as our name . We are currently redoing our entire website, you can view the original for a limited time.

Alecia Huck

"I'm Kind of a Big Deal"

Alecia, thanks so much for sharing some thoughts with us. It is my pleasure to recognize you as the Brand Champion of the Day!

Rex Whisman

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