Emerging Brand Trends- Step Aside Mad Men

Mad men

I am often asked about trends in brand. There are many. First of all I am happy to see that many people and organizations are now realizing that a brand should be viewed as a noun. That is a healthy spot to be in. Unfortunately most communications and marketing professionals want to think verb. They want to get to that really cool place. That space where they get to engage with someone from an advertising agency and come up with the next winning ad. Hello, McFly!

It is also great to see more and more organizations embracing internal branding. I have been advocating for the past several years that if an organization engages their employees in the brand building process then then everyone will better understand organizational mission and core values. They will also not have to send a ton of money on traditional forms of marketing such as advertising. Sorry communications and marketing people!

Another major area of reform is obviously technology. Social networking and mobile communications are two areas that are playing a significant role in our ability to build brands online, in rapid fire fashion and in a more effective way than we have in the past. Move over Mad Men, your days are over!

Rex Whisman

Brand Champions Blog

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