Brand Champion Engagement

My mantra is that a sustainable brand is based on mission, core values and stakeholder engagement. That believe has been validated more and more, especially during the last year. When my team works on brand development projects and when we are in the process of launching a new project, we advocate that our clients adopt a philosophy of getting all of their stakeholder groups involved.

Whether it is asking stakeholders their opinion about expected outcomes, what they think of the current brand culture, testing brand platforms with them, creating ways of recognizing them for on-brand behavior or other ways of involvement, the more people you get involved the more likely the brand development process will result in a sustainable approach to brand.

Getting stakeholders engaged in every step of the brand development process will also result in your ability to recruit and retain the right brand champions. Have you proposed to your stakeholders that they get involved in the brand development process? If you do it will be much easier to deliver on your brand promise.

Rex Whisman

Brand Champions Blog

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