Debbie Millman Interview at Deep Glamour

Here is an excerpt from Debbie Millman's interview at I encourage you to get to know Debbie, her insights and her amazing design innovation and brand sensibility.

As a branding consultant, Debbie Millman has worked for a long list of high-profile clients, including Unilever, Gillette, the NBA, and Kraft. As the host of the weekly Internet radio show/podcast Design Matters, she has interviewed an even more impressive list of designers and design thinkers, from Stefan Sagmeister and Steve Heller to Malcolm Gladwell and Seth Godin (and me). Her book How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer features conversations with 21 leading lights. Debbie is not only a good listener but as interesting as the people she talks to. She was kind enough to let us turn the tables and have her answer the questions.
Click here for the interview with Debbie.

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