What Can We Learn from the Thanksgiving Day Brand?


Most people in the United States, Canada and a few other locations around the globe are celebrating Thanksgiving Day. Unofficially, since 1621 in Plymouth, Americans have devoted this day to gatherings of friends and family to give thanks for harvest. By consuming large amounts of food, we pay homage to what we are blessed with.

As a brand, Thanksgiving Day is time-tested. The name tells us exactly what the brand stands for. Unlike many other holidays, Thanksgiving has not gone commercial. The brand is still authentic. That is why it is my favorite holiday. So, what can individual and organizational brands learn from Thanksgiving Day?

We can learn that a brand is your name and what your name stands for. We can learn that to be sustainable a brand must stay true to its mission. A brand must connect with those who have similar beliefs. Otherwise your brand will get "gobbled" up. I am a champion of the Thanksgiving Day brand and will remain loyal to what it stands for.

Rex Whisman

Brand Champions Blog

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