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France flag

On Mondays and Fridays I recognize people and organizations who understand what it means to be a brand champion. Today, I feature the country of France. Between now and January 31 there are engagement sessions taking place throughout France, providing stakeholders with the opportunity to share their opinion about what it means to be French. Because of the influx of immigrants to the country and its increasing diversity, France is struggling with its identity.

Just like any other organization who believes that its internal culture is out of alignment with its external reputation, France is in the process of rediscovering its core values. The nation is giving its people to weigh in on this discussion. Just like your organization should periodically do with your stakeholders, especially your employees. This process is an effective way to recruit and retain brand champions.

When I hear or see the word France, I often associate forward-thinking with that nation. In my opinion the dialogue taking place in France about who it is and what it stands for is a forward-thinking approach to brand building for the nation. As a result, France is the Brand Champion of the Day.

What do you think about this process in France? Could this process work in your country? Should a country create a brand management minister/secretary to oversee brand strategy?

Rex Whisman

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