Will Digital Media Experts Be Future Brand Managers?


Yesterday I posted an announcement about a session that I will be presenting on December 1 at the University of Denver on the connection between brand and social media. When thinking more about the subject the above question came to mind. As organizations increasing embrace digital media channels and discard old school media such as advertising and direct mail, the answer to the question could likely be yes.

But, only if organizations get their acts together. First they must develop a brand platform based on their mission, core values and stakeholder engagement. Then they need to create a plan that effectively communicates the essence of their organization. Channels like social networks and mobile communications are rapidly becoming the go-to choice. Advertising, taglines, direct mail and other 20th century tools are yesterday's way to recruit and retain brand champions.

I see sooner rather than later that all organizations will create positions that oversee brand and digital media. Because of the connection between these concepts digital media experts will play a huge role in managing their organization's brand. What do you think?

Rex Whisman

Brand Champions Blog

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