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It has been nearly three and one-half years since I started featuring brand champions on this blog. I don't recall during that period of time that I have shared many views on Coca-Cola, certainly not highlighting the organization as the Brand Champion of the Day. Not because I rarely consume soft drinks and not because I do not respect the company, but because it would have been so obvious for me to do so.

I know for sure that over the course of my time as a brand consultant, I have given props to the Coca-Cola Company quite often during presentations when I share best practices or talk about brand valuation. For as long as I can remember Interbrand has ranked Coca-Cola as the number one valued brand in the world. Based on the Interbrand formula they estimated the Coke brand to be worth over $68.7 US in 2009.

In September of 2008 I had the opportunity to meet a senior brand strategist for Coca-Cola when we were both presenting at a brand conference in Atlanta. I presented on internal branding, and had the chance to learn how Coca-Cola engages their employees in the brand development process. I also gained insight into the Company's social responsibility efforts, which you can do on their web site. For being a time-tested brand, for your renewed commitment to your internal and external stakeholders, Coca-Cola, you are the Brand Champion of the Day.

Oh by the way, Coca-Cola has over 4 million fans on their Facebook page. That is a lot of brand champions!

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