Red Bull Delivers On-Brand Experience with Travis Pastrana on New Year's Eve


There is not a better example of a brand that always seems to deliver on its promise, than Red Bull giving you "wiings." That promise was never more evident than than last Thursday night when Travis Pastrana broke the world record for the longest jump in a rally car, when he took flight from a pier in Long Beach, CA and landed on a barge. A feat just as exciting and just as on-brand as the amazing motorcycle jump by fellow Red Bull athlete, Robbie Maddison last New Year's Eve in Las Vegas.

Red Bull is a brand that clearly understands what it stands for and goes to the "extreme" to deliver on-brand performances. From daring air shows to NASCA, Winter X Games and more, Red Bull demonstrates the energy its product provides and is brought to life through its sponsorship of events and its stable of successful athletes like Shaun White.

Get in the passenger's seat and ride along with Travis Pastrana for an on-brand, Red Bull experience. You might just become a brand champion!

Rex Whisman

Brand Champions Blog

BrandED Consultants Group

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