Red Cross Delivers on Brand Promise


As I have been following the developments of the earthquake situation in Haiti, my thoughts and prayers are with those who are affected by this devastating development. I also think about the first responders. Those brave men and women who take their lives in their hands to help out those who are suffering. When disaster hits, the brand that is the first responder in my mind is the Red Cross.
When I hear or see the words Red Cross I think about the fact that they always deliver on their promise of making a difference and requesting that others reach out to make a difference too. There are not too many brands on planet Earth that are as authentic and trusted as the Red Cross. When situations happen like that in Haiti, there are numerous relief efforts available and many options for us to provide resources. I always feel safe knowing that my help goes to a brand I can trust.
In disasters like this I also think about crisis management, the important task of handling a difficult situation and how to effectively deliver a brand message during anxious times. Some organizations perform well, while others do not. No matter what your mission and core values, your organization must develop a crisis communications plan, and that plan needs to be guided by your brand platform. Your organization does have a brand strategy and your crisis communications flows from that brand strategy doesn't it? Or does your organization just take a tactical approach and creates crises when there is none?
Is your organization as effective as the Red Cross in recruiting and retaining brand champions?
Rex Whisman
Brand Champions Blog
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