Brand Champion of the Day- Holiday Inn

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Well I must say that I never thought I would be recognizing Holiday Inn as the Brand Champion of the Day. A year or so ago I posted a few comments about the new visual identity and plans for remodeling their hotels. Now it is official, the hotel chain has re-branded itself in a very positive manner. I don't know about you, but my last experience at a Holiday Inn was many, many years ago, and I would have been hard pressed to think about many strong brand attributes to discuss back then.

Until today, I associated Holiday Inn with an old, worn-out brand. My experience today in Memphis is nothing short of amazement, and wow was I wrong. First of all, Holiday Inn is one of the few hotel brands that still has shuttle service to and from the airport. The shuttle service also includes taking guests to near-by restaurants, malls, drug stores and anywhere else one would like to go. The rooms are magnificent. I am writing from my desk in the living room/kitchen of my suite (which is less expensive than most small hotel rooms). I feel like a true business traveler today, instead of just another tourist.

For bringing this brand strategist to his senses, and hopefully others, Holiday Inn is the Brand Champion of the Day. You will have more and more champions of your brand. Bravo to the kind folks in Memphis, nicely done my friends!

Rex Whisman

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