Brand Strategy Should Guide Crisis Management

Crisis management

For the past several years we have all be affected in some way by the global financial crisis. Most have also been following or have been further affected by the Toyota automotive crisis. It seems like there is a new crisis every day. Recently I have had my eye on a couple of situations related to past clients. Although there have been challenges, they have relayed to me their relief that their organization has a brand strategy. Without one, the gravity of the situations would most likely be increased.

Although most brand initiatives garner support when those within the organization understand the need for business development and becoming more competitive. These are valid reasons for an organization to proceed with the process of aligning their internal culture and external reputation. Crisis management is another important reason. Without a sound brand strategy, crises can determine the culture and reputation of the organization.

Sustainable brands are based on mission, core values and stakeholder engagement. The process of developing one is what we call branding. Our brand is our name and the associations that people make when they hear or see our name. It is what our organization stands for. Effective organizations get that. Those that don't, or those who think branding is a cool ad campaign can have their reputations forever be determined by a crisis. Do not let that happen to you and your organization. You want brand champions, not brand chumps.

Rex Whisman

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