Brand Champion of the Day- McDonald's

Mcdonalds logo

I am sure there will be a fare share of people who think that I am crazy for recognizing a fast food chain as the brand champion of the day. While I am not a regular visitor (an occasional stop early morning in airports) and I do not support the idea of encouraging people to eat fatty foods, I am a fan of this brand.

There are not too many brands that have stood the test of time like McDonald's. While their menu has been modified and they are attempting to be more health conscious, they are still known as a fast-food burger joint. Which is what they have always been known for. Those golden arches are the ultimate visual representation of fast food joints. And talk about a brand with lots of champions.

It is somewhat difficult for me to write this last sentence, but for all you do, McDonald's you are the Brand Champion of the Day!

Rex Whisman

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