Brand: It is Not About the Logo


Try telling that to the creators of LOGORAMA, the animated short film that took the 2010 Academy Award in that category last Sunday evening. I have seen the trailer and it looks really good. I look forward to seeing the entire film soon. As viewers will not, we are deluged with logo world, resulting in the reality that most people think a brand is a logo.

Ok, let me get back on my soap box and remind everyone that a brand is a name, what that name stands for and the associations that people make with that name when they see or hear that name. A logo is the visual representation of the brand. Logos, marks, mottos, taglines and other representations are important, but please do not limit your brand work to these.

The important work up front, which most tend to shy away from is the mission, core values and stakeholder engagement. Only when your organization has a purpose, believes in its guiding principles and provides it stakeholders(brand champions) means for understanding them, should we think about the logo. In the meantime, cheers to LOGORAMA!

Rex Whisman

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