Why Do People Think Their Logo is Their Brand?


I was reminded of that question yesterday when I was asked to contribute to a story about an organization that is re-branding itself. Just because an organization decides to change or update its logo, does not mean it is re-branding itself. If the organization decided to change its name then it would be re-branding. A logo is a visual representation of a brand. It is not your brand.

Because more often than not an organization does not understand who it is and what it stands for, organizations think their logo is the end all. Yes a logo is important, arguably critical to the success of your identity. But it is not what defines your organization and differentiates it from your competitors. Your purpose and guiding principles are what is important.

Every organization was founded for a reason. Most often because it was attempting to fill a void in the market place and that the founders believed they could provide a better option to customers. How quickly we forget that and think the logo is king. A logo is not responsible for recruiting and retaining brand champions.

Rex Whisman

BrandED Consultants Group

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