Egyptian's Rights & Duties

The International Declaration of Human Rights and The proposal of the International Declaration of Human Responsibilities.
The title above is the subject of this booklet, an Arabic attempt for a better Egyptians future.

This project was started on Feb 16th 2011 after Egyptian revolution of 25th Jan 2011, hundreds of artists, lawyers, university professors, school teachers, students, coaches, poets, writers, musicians, medical doctors, librarians, business men / women and all kinds of Egyptian intellectuals have participated in this project, it is called: "Egyptian's Rights & Duties" 

This booklet was printed so far in 45000 copies, the team aims to reach 80 million Egyptian citizens with contribution of educated people who should read them their rights and duties, that is why its depicting with caricatures and funny colloquial Egyptian language.

This is a national cause wearing a brand of a nation, a nation which is heading to be a positive and effective influence for all nations, only for the sake of love, hope & faith.

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