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On Mondays and Fridays I feature people and organizations who understand what it means to be a brand champion. Those organizations who realize that a sustainable brand is based on mission and core values. Those people who are passionate about their brand and connect to the mission and core values of the organizations that they advocate. I can not think of a better example of the connection between brand and its champions than YouTube.

Like most emerging media and social networking sites, YouTube started out connecting people by mostly personal ways. Soon businesses realized there are opportunities to recruit and retain brand champions by utilizing videos shared and discovered on YouTube. Like other search sites including Google, Bing and Yahoo, YouTube is quickly becoming a go to place to gather information about people and companies.

I find myself using YouTube more and more to do research and share information with others. I also realize that it needs to be more a part of my brand strategy. I know some of you have seen this video, but I think it is a great example of how to use YouTube to share thoughts about brand and social media. How do you use YouTube as a strategic communications tool to recruit and retain champions for your brand?

Rex Whisman

Brand Champions Blog

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