Pittsburgh Steelers Brand Champions

Everywhere I turned yesterday I saw people clad in black and gold roaming the streets of Denver. One might think one was in the Steel City. No, these people were in my town to watch their team, the Pittsburgh Steelers play the Denver Broncos. There is not a US professional sport team who has a more loyal following than the Pittsburgh Steelers.

While I was watching the game on television I would swear I was watching a Broncos road game, not a home game. The gold towels waving seemed to outshine the orange and blue home team colors. For a number of years I used to go to all of the Broncos home games. I was always amazed how I felt like a fan in a visiting stadium when the Steelers came to town.

I could never figure out how the Steelers fans were able to get so many Broncos fans to sell their tickets. Steelers fans truly understand what it means to be a brand champion. Who won last night? Just kidding!

Rex Whisman

Brand Champions Blog

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