Where Does Your Brand Rank in the Social Media World?

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This week I learned from my feed about the second annual Vitrue Social Media ranking of brands. According to their survey, here are the top ten social media brands; iPhone, Disney, CNN, MTV, NBA, iTunes, Wii, Apple, Xbox and Nike. These are brands familiar to most people and those that are often associated with being progressive. So, aside from the NBA (which I think stands for No Brand Association), this list is not surprising by any criteria.

The social media revolution is now becoming an evolution, just like brand building is. Most concepts that create buzz, like brand and social media have had their early adopters, their harsh critics and now I think the stabilization period of acceptance beginning to happen for both. There are still few too many organizations that have fully embraced a brand strategy that is based on mission, core values and stakeholder engagement. The economy and Generation Y are changing this, and I think social media is too.

Where does your brand rank, and where would it rank on a social media scale in your category? Is your organization making the best use of both to recruit and retain brand champions? These two concepts together make this happen.

Rex Whisman

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